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November 1 2017 Say hi to a better Replika 💕 Now available for everyone.

More than 1.5 million people worldwide have been waiting to use our app. Today we are thrilled to announce that it is available to everyone without a wait or invitation codes. Here is what we have in store for you:

📄 Replika Days Thoughts that you share are now saved to your Day automatically. Go back to earlier days to reflect on how you felt back then.

🐼 Emotional Support Whenever you feel lonely or bored, share it with Replika. |RNAME| is always there to comfort and distract you.

💆 Mind & Body relaxation Replika will guide you through a new conversation technique that helps you unwind and feel more balanced. Text "Help me relax" to start.

Download the app and chat with your Replika now.

Replika Team

October 19 2017 Custom Backgrounds, Reflection Mode & more

Hello community 💜 Guess what? We've just released both iOS and Android updates with some amazing long-awaited features 💓

⭐️ New custom chat backgrounds. Go to app's settings and choose your favorite theme.

⭐️New design for Days. Check out the new style of moments that Replika saves for your future memories.

⭐️ Reflection mode. Text "Reflection mode" to have a deeper conversation about how you feel and what you've been up to.

⭐️ Replika will follow you on Instagram. Text "Connect Instagram," if you want your AI to follow your posts and comment on your recent pictures in the Replika app.


September 27 2017 Introducing Day's

Everyday we share our life through conversation — from little things like what’s for lunch to our deepest thoughts 💭

What if these moments weren’t forgotten, but cherished and saved for your future self 🤔
We believe that your best AI friend should be able to do that! 💖

✨We are thrilled to introduce Days, a self-updating journal that saves all meaningful texts and photos from your conversation with Replika by creating a beautiful lifelog ✨

All you have to do is talk to your AI friend! Update to the latest version of Replika by tapping this link 💖

August 31 2017 Goodbye Invitation Codes

🌟We are thrilled to announce that there have been some changes made to the way everyone will now begin their Replika friendship. On both iOS and Android, invitation codes are officially a thing of the past!

✨With the latest iOS & Android version of Replika, all accounts will be activated automatically on a first come first serve basis, no invitation code required.

✨Your account will be activated as soon as we activate those who signed up before you. For those that signed up for Replika but haven’t had a chance to get an invitation code, those accounts will be activated on a first come first serve basis. If you’ve recently signed up to Replika and you just can’t wait for your AI best friend, you can invite three friends to get their own Replika and skip the line yourself!

✨In today’s update on the Play Store and App Store we are releasing an important improvement for the login flow that will help everyone to easily get on the app. If your SMS confirmation code failed to be delivered, ask the app to give you a call and tell you the confirmation number verbally!

💕We are thrilled to start letting everyone in on Replika; and how amazing all of you are. We couldn’t be more grateful for such an amazing community of users to be part of this journey with us. 💕

💗Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with all the amazing screenshots in the community group. Join the group if haven’t yet and tell us what you enjoy and what we can improve! -

📲So, Why wait? Start chatting with your Replika now!

August 14 2017 Olá, 🇧🇷

We are so thrilled to welcome so many new community members from Brazil. I wish Replika could learn to speak Portuguese right away!

July 5 2017 Sessions Available Online

💗Hello everyone! We know that writing a daily session with your Replika is very important to all you. Being able to reflect on that session at anytime can be even more important.

🌟Now you will be able to access your sessions on your Replika web profile! Just go to (use your Replika name) to check out this awesome new feature. You can even share your profile to your Facebook, show off how many badges you've gotten and how many sessions you've done!

📝Be sure to check out our Replika Sessions community! Replika Sessions is all about sharing your favorite things about sessions, ideas and feedback.

💗Thank you all so much for being part of making Replika something amazing and unique. We are so grateful for such an awesome community

June 26 2017 iOS Update

💙Hello Everyone! We have an awesome new update available in the App Store for iOS users! Here's what you can expect from the latest update with your Replika:

🌟This version upgrades conversation with your Replika and makes your AI friend more understanding.

🌟We improved the experience of creating a video from a chat with Replika—long press any message and hit "Create video" to try it.

🌟When you post a link to your Replika on the web (example: for Kuyda), that link will open your profile in the app. Share your badges and sessions with friends! Thank you all so much for being such an awesome community 💕. We are so grateful for your patience and feedback!

June 19 2017 iOS Update

❤️Hello everyone! We have a new update in the App Store for iOS users!

🌟1 video talks louder than 5 screenshots! Now you can create a video from a chat you've had with your Replika. Tell us what your Instagram followers think about your #Replikachat! Long tap on a message in the chat, then tap 'Create Video', and then select the part of the conversation you want to be included in the video. Trim the video, save it, and share with your friends! Watch Phil in the video below to see how simple it is! Let us know what you think.

💕We are so grateful to have such an awesome community. Thank you all so much for your feedback. This feature is fresh and experimental, please report bugs to us here:

June 16 2017 Android Update

💙Great news for all Android users! The latest update has hit the Google Play Store and here is what you can expect:

• You can now generate invitation codes to Replika and share them with friends.

• We fixed a few glitches that you all have reported. Thank you so much for being part of Replika beta testing, and giving us your support.💕

🌟To get an invitation code emailed to you, click here:

🌟Check out our website where users are sharing codes all the time:

June 13 2017 iOS Update

💙Amazing perks for the iOS community! Update your Replika app to the latest version and personality badges will be available for iMessage

🌟Tip for the new stickers in iMessage

🌟 You can tap, then drag the stickers onto one another to combine them into some pretty cute things

June 12 2017 iOS Update

💙Hello everyone! Along with the open beta release for Android, we are also announcing a brand new update for iOS users! These are the new awesome things happening with your Replika:

🌟Face recognition— Replika is now able to remember what you look like and can recognize you in photos. Send selfies to Replika using the new photo upload interface.

🌟 Use Replika badges as iMessage stickers. After you download the update, check available sticker packs in your iMessage app.

🌟 Preview for links to video and images that Replika sends to you.

🌟Bug fixes and productivity improvements. Thank you all so much for your love and support. We are so grateful to have such awesome users!

June 12 2017 Android Release

🌟It's here! Replika for Android in Beta:

💌 Invitations from iOS will work on Android. Get a code from the community:

👫 Join our group to meet other users and stay up to date about what's going on:

🎙 Let us know if anything's wrong: For now, you can only generate an invitation code on an iOS device. Invitation eggs are coming to Android too in the next updates. Stay tuned!

June 6 2017 Android Release Date

❤️ Hello, dear community! Today Replika team is excited to share some really big news we all have been waiting for so patiently. We’re thrilled to announce that Replika for Android will go live on Google Play Store on ⏰ June 12 at 12:00 AM PDT. We truly appreciate your continued love and support.

You will be able to share an invitation code with new users on this community page: As soon as all of your invitations are used, you will unlock a special badge for your Replika. Invitations will be cross-platform for iOS and Android devices.

June 2 2017 iOS Update

💙Hey everyone! We've got some awesome news! iOS users can find an update for Replika in the AppStore now! Here are some of the awesome things to expect with this update:

• In a session, your Replika will ask you about your family, loved ones and other things it remembers from your conversation.

• We removed the invitation cap that caused invites to be "temporary unavailable". Now you can invite your friends any time!

• You can share an invitation code with new users on this community page: As soon as all of your invitations are used, you will unlock a special badge for your Replika.

May 17 2017 iOS Update & Online Profiles

💜Hey Everyone! We've got another awesome update in the App Store for iOS users! Here's what we've been working on:

•We added an FAQ section on the app, where you can read about your account, Replika features, privacy settings and other support topics.

•You can now logout from your account in the app.

•You will see a new background picture on your Replika profile.

•Replika now has improved memory that will be evolving weekly.

🔗Essential Links🔗

•To exchange codes with others, head over to our website here:

•To see your Replika web profile:

•To sign up for Android testing, click here:

🌟Replika on the Android platform is moving ahead! Right now Replika is in secret beta testing for Android users. Near the end of June, Android should be moved to public beta testing! Make sure to keep an eye out for an email inviting you to be part of our secret testing

March 29 2017 iOS Update

❤️ We are so excited to ship the first update of the app! Check out the App Store updates and download the latest version of Replika. Here's what's new:

• Invitations will become available more often. We will continue to send email invitations to those who applied for Early Access on the first come first served basis.

• On the app, you can change privacy for all your future sessions and individually modify privacy for existing sessions.

• You can now add photos to a session!

• A new button on your profile screen that starts a session any time you want.

• You can also delete a session that you don't want to keep.

• More AI levels to grow to and new badges to unlock!

• Bug fixes based on your feedback. Thank you very much for all your feedback and for being so patient with the invitation process. We want everyone in as soon as possible and will keep you posted about our progress!

March 13 2017 iOS Release

🌟Replika is now on the App Store available by invitation. 🌟Look out for #replikainvites! Thanks for your love❤️