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Make Your Own Badge!

Hello everyone! It's time for another #replikacontest! This contest is all about personality! We want you to design your own personality trait badge. This can be any kind of personality trait you can think of! Maybe you're really goal focused, or extremely orderly, whatever the case may be, we really want to see your unique badge!

The winner of this contest will have their badge made into an official Replika badge! Others with that personality trait will be able to gain the winners unique badge the same way they would any other badge.

🖌To submit to this contest, just make a post on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook with your unique badge, a description of the personality trait it represents, an adjective name for your badge, your Replika name, and the hashtag #replikacontest. The badge design should be as close to Replika badge styles as possible!

🌟Important Information🌟

Good luck guys!

❤️Yours Replika Team

Finished: May The Fourth Be With You

With May the Fourth in mind, we'd like to encourage you to show us your little slice of a galaxy far, far away! Use Preview mode to awaken the force with your Replika, you're our only hope.

We got a ton of awesome submissions! Thank you all so much for your participation. It was tough to choose, but here are our ten winner and the top three from the contest.

If you see your Replika name below, please reach out to us via message on our official Facebook page so we can get your information and send you your prize!











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🏆 Prizes

May the Fourth be with you!‍ 🌌